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Sam Bailey Interview


X-Clusive Sam Bailey Interview

Leicestershire Music managed to catch up with Sam and grab five minutes with her to get an ‘X-Clusive’ interview to find out more about how she felt being branded a liar, what winning the X-factor feels like and if she worries about the curse of the X-Factor.

LM: What made you want to audition for the X-Factor and was it your first X-Factor audition?
SB:My first audition was in 2007 and when I auditioned then, I went in for 30 seconds and they said “No thank you” and I walked out. Then I had my children and we where sat on the sofa one day and I just looked at my kids and laughed as an advert came up for auditions. So I got the IPad out and applied and then whispered over to my other half “I’ve just applied for the X-Factor”. Only becuase the kids loved it so much and they are old enough to watch it now and I’m so glad I did.

LM: One of your opening lines on the x-factor was ‘I think I’m a bit to old for it now’ and ‘that you had to look the part’ When did that view begin to change for you?
SB:I think probably after that first audition and seeing myself sing that song and listening to me singing that song. I guess though they didn’t initially see me as pop star material, but you begin to get a hunger for it. So I just grabbed the chance because I won’t be doing it again. Also I think as I grew in the competition I began to get back to my old self and how I used to be with my confidence. I’m still not 100% there, but I am so glad I did the audition again and I now feel I am ready to take on the world.

LM: I have watched your first X-Factor audition several times and I just wanted to clarify something. When Dermot said to you “have you auditioned before? Have you done much stuff? You said ‘no’.
Do you regret that now? And, how did it feel when the Sun branded you a ‘liar’?
SB:The audition I did in 2007 I didn’t really class as an audition, because when you audition in front of those judges, you have already been through four auditions before you’ve even got there. So I didn’t feel I had auditioned in real terms because I hadn’t actually auditioned in front of the judges. So as far as I’m concerned that wasn’t really an audition for the show.

LM: If you hadn’t have won the show, what would you normally be doing at 5:00pm on a Thursday evening a week before Christmas?
SB:I would probably be still at work no doubt and wouldn’t be leaving until around 7pm tonight.

LM: You’ve gone from social clubs to Wembley Arena. How did it feel when you where singing as the X-Factor winner? Was it difficult to keep yourself composed when you where being mobbed by the other contestants?
SB:I got clothes lined…someone clothes lined me as I was singing…… I don’t know who it was. It was quite a surreal feeling to be honest. I just remember watching it last year when James Arthur won and everyone bombarded the stage. I totally forgot they did that, so it was a bit of a shock when I got jumped on from behind by everyone and I was thinking stuff like “Don’t open your mouth to wide, because all tinsel will go in my mouth (Sam Laughs) and I will choke”

LM: You will be supporting Beyoncé on the UK leg of her world tour. Have you already decided on the songs you will be singing?
SB:No I can’t even think about that yet, because that is going to take a lot of sinking in to be honest.

LM: How are you coping with the media attention – do you think your age and the life experience has helped you cope with it better than some of the previous winners?
SB:I think I’m coping with it quite well to be honest, because I don’t have to worry about saying anything stupid because generally I am stupid. I’m just myself and I say it how it is ….. I’m quite used to it yer.

LM: Does the ‘Curse of the X-Factor’ bother you at all? By that I mean that it usually seems to be that the runners on many of the TV talent shows that tend to do better than the winners.
SB:I think I have proven a point that overs are capable of doing it and I spoke to Simon Cowell yesterday and he basically said to me “Its been ten years since an overs won the competition and you have given people hope.” He said “Hopefully next year we will be bombarded with people over 25’s category because I have proven they can do it.”
So regards to the curse, you only have to look at the amount of people supporting me and I must be doing all right if I am getting all this support. So I am looking forward to the future.

LM: Finally what are your plans for the future?
SB:Well I just want to make a really good album and I want to put stuff on there that I want on there and I have been given the opportunity to do that. I just want to embrace everything that is chucked at me and appreciate everything that I’ve got and hopefully be as successful as I want to be.

LM: Sam can I just say thank you again for talking to us today and everyone at Leicestershire Music wishes you all the best for the future.
SB:Thank You.

Unfortunately there weren’t any photo opportunities on this occasion as Sam was running late.

Interview By Danny O’Callaghan

Watch out for more great interviews coming in 2014