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Violet Cities Interview

violet cities

Violet Cities Interview

This time last year know one had ever heard of Violet Cities, in fact they didn’t even do their first gig until until March 2013.

What a difference 10 months can make though and after reaching the finals of a local music competition, supporting Leicester band Midnight Wire at their ‘Secret Gig’, being featured on Dean Jackson’s BBC Introducing and to top it all off they where included in the BBC Introducing Play Cloud, they certainly won’t forget their first year on the road.

So after such a big year we wanted to grab Violet Cities and give them 5 minutes to reflect.

LM: First of all guys can you just introduce yourselves?
JL: James Lewis – Vocals/Guitar
JH: James Hazell – Guitar/Vocals
PM: Paul Moody – Bass/Vocals
DB: Dan Beange – Drums

LM: How did you get your name?
JL: The name comes from a band i adore called ‘The National’, their an American band so you may not have heard of them, they have a track called ‘Walk Off’ and they sing about going to the Violet Cities and that lyric just touched me. So when we got a band going I thought; ‘yer Violet Cities’. (Here the track here)

LM: I’ve heard various stories about how you got together, what are the actual facts?
JL: Me and James Hazell live in the same area and we met on Joinmyband and we both had a passion for the same sort of music. So we did a bit of writing and James Hazell knew Dan from his previous band, so then Dan came on board. Then we got Paul later after our original Bass was to busy with other things.

LM: Can you describe Violet Cites in three words?
DB: The best band
JL: You can’t say that, it sounds like a 5 year old (everyone laughs)
DB: Future of music
JL: Passion, Indie, Love – There you go.

LM: How would you describe your music?
JL: Passion, Indie, Love – no not really erm, Indie Pop
JH: Its all about the lyrics
JL: Yer the lyrics with that Indie sort of dance feel about it.

LM: Who are your musical influences?
JL: I like T-Rex and kind of 70’s influences, i like 50’s and 60’s influences as well.
DB: I like modern day pop music.
PM: I love The Beatles.

LM: As a band, what is your biggest musical achievement to date?
JL: Probably being played on Dean Jackson’s BBC Introducing show – After sending our demo into the show, it got choose from thousands of other songs so we where really happy about that.

LM: Has being on Dean Jackson done much to help you?
JL: Well it sounds good to tell people and you will find when you play a gig some people don’t pay attention but as soon as you mention Dean Jackson, people stop and pay attention. So I suppose in a way it has.

LM: How come you walked out on a music talent show earlier in the year after getting to the finals?
JH: Do you want a story that sounds good or do you want the truth?
LM: whatever you like?
JL: Well when we first got together as a band and we where offered a gig at the show and we didn’t really expect to go far and did it more for some exposure. Then I had a family wedding and I promised the lads I would play the final, but they said to go to the wedding because we had got all the exposure we needed at that time and that’s it really.

LM: What was your best gig of 2013?
JL: Oh definitely the EP launch, we sold out at Firebug and couldn’t get any more people in.

LM: Did you play any festivals this year?
JH: Yes we played….erm….what was it called…..I just drove past it…..erm….Western Park Festival.
JL: Yes that was a great one – sunny day – lots of people – yes that was a good one.

LM: So what have you got playing on your MP3 player at the moment?
JL: I’ve got One Direction ‘Story Of My Life’ I really love that song.
DB: I’ve got the 1975’s album in my car, but i’m also into a band that have now split up called ‘Dive Bella Dive’ and they are brilliant.
PM: I’m listening to
JH: You’re listening to our stuff so you can learn it……. (everyone laughs)

LM: You guys are pretty new to the scene, have you had any kicks up the arse this year that have made you not so green?
JH: We had a bit of a bust up with a band at a festival, they claimed to be better than us and expected better billing, so we had to move our slot to suit them.
JL: Yes and we expected them to be more professional, so we decided we didn’t want to be like that and not stoop to that level. Another lesson I have learned is not having enough things to hand out to people, because when you’re gigging, it is very difficult to also promote yourself.
JH: yes we can’t make stuff fast enough to give away.
JL: But we are learning as a band after 10 months together.

LM: One final question guys, what did you do over Christmas?
JL: I work at Tesco so just enjoyed the time off with my family
JH: Yer
PM: Yer
DB: Yer it was nice.

LM: Well that’s it guys, thanks for sparing the time just before you’re gig.
JL: That’s not a problem, cheers for that man.

You can find out more about Violet Cities on their Website or via the Facebook Page