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The Zufflers Interview


The Zufflers

The Zufflers are a six piece covers band from Leicester and after organising an interview I went to meet them one Sunday evening at the The Abbey Park studios and Residential Rehearsal Rooms, Slater Street. As I headed down the maze of corridors and popped my head around the door of their rehearsal room, I knew these lads where going to be the musical equivalent of the 8 out of 10 cast and after getting Vocalist Jon Young and Guitarist Dan Robinson to be the band spokesmen the interview commenced.

LM: How did you get your name?
DAN: We decided after a few pints, we chucked all sorts about and decided that we weren’t going to have anything that began with ‘the’ and then picked ‘The Zufflers’ out of a certain northern comic.
JON: Yer northern comic, it was erm, Roger Melly
-LM: Oh you mean Roger Melly The Man Off The Telly – Viz !
JON: Yer have a look into him and you’ll know what it means.

LM: So how did you guys get started?
JON: There where four of us originally that started in a different band, but that band split and so we grabbed a few more of our mates ‘Smig and Rick’ and started up as we are now and that was about two years ago.
(JON jokes – we’re trying to get rid of Paul and Dean at the minute.)

LM: What are your influences and what do you cover?
DAN: Its probably the rocky side of things like The Foo-Fighters, Kings of Leon.
JON: The Killers, The Artic Monkeys
DAN: Yer so anything that is a bit rockier really.
JON: We do like to think that we are a little bit more diverse than some of the covers bands, but that’s gone to pot just lately.
DAN: Well you’ve gotta keep the crowd happy ain’t you.
(JOHN & DAN Laugh)

LM: How did you feel about doing Glastonbudget this year?
JON: Well we played the icon stage both last year and this year and it was a lot louder last year, because they used a half covered stage that went over crowd. So we where a bit worried this year that we may not attract as many people this year.
DAN: I think the fact that we played last year, probably helped out out this year and where just able to get on the stage and just play without thinking about it to much and we did attract a big crowd.

LM: So do you have a big following?
JON: Yer thanks to our Twitter man Smig and his deputy Paul.
SMIG:: We have 245 followers
JON: Ooohhhh 245 Followers that is brilliant ain’t it. (everyone laughs)
DAN: Yer it’s not bad.
JON: To be honest we tend to get a few new followers every time we play which isn’t bad for a covers band.

LM: Do you only play in Leicester?
DAN: We play wherever we can
JON: We played a fantastic gig in Bedford a few months back.
DAN: It was a charity event and we got paid in meat.
JON: yer, we got paid in sausages.

LM: Would you say that you’re not in it for the money then?
DAN: No, no, the monies nice but we enjoy the gigging.
JON: And anyway between six and a roady it don’t go far.

LM: What are your favourite songs you like performing?
DAN: Chelsea dagger.
JON: yer that’s massive for us and Bright side obviously.
DAN: I’m quite enjoying Common People at the minute.
JON: yer so things like radio Head and Ocean Colour Scene. So just an eclectic mix really and the last eight songs are always tracks which everyone likes.

LM: Dan, Wheatbix or Cornflakes?
DAN: Neither, I Don’t do breakfast – A Pasty!
JON: You would as well wouldn’t you
DAN: Yer
JON: Can you have a pasty in the morning?
DAN: Greggs should have a breakfast bar
-LM: They do, it opens at Fosse Park at 8 AM
JON: I see you know it well (everyone laughs)

LM: Have you guys released any of your tracks or do you just do covers?
JON: No we just do covers, but there are a few lads in the band that have done stuff on their own.
DAN: We did a charity thing.
JON: But we’ve all got kids and families and don’t have time for that sort of thing really.

LM: So because you guy are more mature! Do you have any advise for the younger up and coming bands out there?
JON: A bit more mature………. (John laughs)
DAN: Yes, stay off our patch (everyone laughs)
JON: Don’t do it for money, if you do it for money then you will end up arguing – we don’t argue.
DAN: Just enjoy it, if you play to three people then just enjoy it and have fun.

LM: John, one final question for you, Burger King or McDonalds.
JON: Oh McDonalds, I should have shares in that place. It’s the staple diet for at least three of us. (everyone laughs)

You can find out more about The Zufflers by visitng their Facebook Page or Website.

Image courtesy of Leicester Photographer Josh Rai – You can visit his Facebook page HERE

Vocals: Jon Young, Guitar: Dan Robinson, Guitar: Dean Elliot, Keyboards: Rik Lee, Bass Dave Smith – POB: Drums