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The Simpletones Interview


The Simpletones Interview

I had contacted the Simpletones about getting an interview some months ago, but we hadn’t managed to tie up a date. So when i was walking across the car park at Strawberry Fields and saw them stood at their car with beers in hand, It was a great opportunity for an interview and being the Gentlemen they are, they agreed.

LM: Could you please introduce yourselves.
BS: Big Si – Lead
LN: Little Nick – Baritone and beat box
BN: Big Nick – Tenor (girly high stuff)
BM: Bearded Machine – Bass (not in attendance.)

LM:How did you get started?
BS:Well it started out as just something to do on a Sunday afternoon really and an excuse for a pint and went from there really.

LM: How long have the Simpletones been gong for now?
BS: Hmm I’d say a couple of years
BN: Yes about 2 years

LM: You really seem to have made it big locally over the past 6–12 months, how do you feel about that?
BS: Well it’s an amazing feeling.
BN: Yes and performing at gigs like Strawberry, Simon Says and Summer Sundae has been brilliant.

LM: You’re not what one would call a traditional music band, do you find it hard to get gigs?
BS: Well there’s not really much of our stuff around so we are kind of cornering the no band market.
BN: Yes its all kind of just happened and we’ve never actually asked someone for a gig and we’ve always just been randomly offered gigs. From that, a kind of domino effect has occurred and the gigs have been rolling in steadily.
LN: Yes, we never expected any of this, we just wanted a beer on a Sunday. (everyone laughs)

LM: Sorry, but I need to ask this, do you feel you where robbed at this years OBS?
BS: No we did well at OBS unplugged and we entered OBS knowing it was for original bands and we are not a band. Therefore, we went there to just showcase and that is what we did.
LN: Yes, It was just a bit of fun and a chance to play in front of a new crowd.

LM: So OBS has really helped you then.
BS: Yes, we got Strawberry Fields through it and did summer Sundae through the OBS Unplugged last year and we’ve met some new bands and new people so its all good.
BN: Yes and just playing to a big crowd is brilliant.

LM: Now you guys went to Bournemouth quite recently, can you tell us a bit more about that?
BS: Well I’m a music teacher and we joined a barbershop chorus in Sheffield singers through some of my ex-students and we went down to Bournmouth for the National Barbershop Convention and came placed 2nd for the best Barbershop Chorus in Great Britain.

LM: So do you have any plans for more completive barbershop?
BS: Well we have entered into the quartet barbershop competition and will be starting the preliminaries for that in September.

LM: Has winning second place help your musical career at all.
BN: I wouldn’t say it has helped, but one of main goals is just to spread the word about barbershop and accapella and its nice when people that you’d never expect to like you, come up to you and say ‘we really like your stuff’.

LM: So who are your musical inspirations?
BS: Well stuff that people may not of heard of, for example an acapella group called Straight No Chaser are really good. The 2007 world champions Max Q are good as well, a group from Birmingham called Sons of Pitches and the Current British champions; Emerald Guard.
BN: But as far as musical genres go we are all very different tatstes, so for example BS likes Sting.
BS: Yes I am also a big fan of The Prodigy and Euphoric trance, but we’ve not tried that with the Simpletones yet.
LN: Yes and I prefer things like Soul, Motown, Funk. And I like a lot of progressive rock and Hip Hop as well.
BS: Yes and bearded machine likes classic rock things like ZZ Top, Jimmy Hendrix and Cream and he has a liking of Gilbert and Sullivan musicals and opera.

LM: How do you feel about mainly playing gigs with bands?
BS: Well it’s really good to get into the main stream
LN: Yes mainstream and trying to be a bit more in the normal music scene.
BS: And we don’t have to take ourselves to seriously, so we can have a bit of banter with the audience and get the crowd to join in which is something most bands can’t do.

LM: Do you guys have any plans to release an album or EP?
BN: We have just completed our first video which is English in New York and that should be out soon.
BS: But we are working on an EP though so watch this space.

LM: Will the EP be original material or covers?
BS: It will be a mixture of both.

LM: So what are your plans for the rest of this year?
BS: We will be taking part in The Curves 5th birthday celebrations and we have a barbershop completion after that and then we will be performing all over for Christmas gigs.

LM: So is Christmas a busy time for you?
BN: Well the biggest gig we have performed at Christmas to date was the at the switch of the Christmas Lights which was incredible and we didn’t expect so many people to be there
BS: We’ve also sung to the Directors at Leicester City.
BN: The Queens Road Christmas fare is always one of our favorites.
BS: Yes and anything we can do in the community is always a bonus.
LN: yes we are always quite busy at Christmas.

LM: Ok and just some random questions to finish off;

LM: Favourite aftershave (at Big Si)
BS: Acqua Di Gio as it makes me almost smell passable

LM: Favourite band? (at Little Nick)
LN: Coheed and Cambria

LM: Favourite brand of cigarette (At Big Nick as he has puffed on an electric cigarette throughout the entire interview)
BN: Well I have stopped smoking for 4 months now but I used to prefer Sterling Blue because they where cheap. (Everyone laughs)

LM: We that’s it guys, thank you for taking the time out from your busy weekend to give Leicestershire Music an Interview.
BS: Thank you
LN: Thanks
BN: Yes Thank You