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The Shed This Friday


The Shed This Friday

As featured on Facebook events:
Ascend The Skies, Entity, Invictus, Deep Red Thread, Piezo Nagasaki Birth Defect.

Doors open at 19:00, entry £5.

All ages welcome.

Ascend The Skies
Since our formation in March 2012, we have been building up a reputation of being an act to look out for making sure the crowds are moving and go away being left with a big impression. After a period of writing and experimenting with different styles, a sound that combined all of the elements was found to create a sound that is both current yet original. After having opportunities to play with the likes of Chronographs, Continents, Embrace the Tide, Skies in Motion, Dakota Ruins, Laguna Sunrise, Hildamay, Our People Verses Yours, Canvas, Despite My Deepest Fear and I, the Writer as well as many phenomenal local acts in such short time, things can only go upwards from here.

Entity is an metal band formed in late 2010 by Callum Fields and Tim Goodenough, using an approach containing elements of thrash, death, experimental and nu metal, which has been characterised by their use of complex time signatures and polyrhythmic guitar parts.

Founded in 2012, Invictus is a 6 piece metalcore band reigning from the small town of Leicester, UK. Whilst young and new to the scene, Invictus have come together bound by a mutual passion of music and show promise of a great future with the release of their debut ep UNCONQUERABLE.

Deep Red Thread
Deep Red Thread is a Band of Charastmatic and talented Musicians, with shows that are blisteringly epic. ArtsInLeicester has called them “The hottest new band in Leicester”. After starting up in 2012, We believe our unique music will deliever a new sound to the world. we’re are all about creating Melodic, Ant§hemic, Energetic tunes and having fun of course. We’re a five piece from Leicester with Oskie and Reece delivering astounding guitar work, Jurgen’s solid slap bass lines, Reggie’s rapid drum fills and Sophie’s face-melting vocals, Deep Red Thread are ready to give it their all with an EP coming soon…

The Leicester based instrumental band, formerly Glory For a Dead Man, who have picked up new beats, methods and influences through their musical journey to create a new sound that borders the metal genre and tilts side to side to side with a number of other musical styles, offering a concoction of rare musical ingenuity.

Nagasaki Birth Defect
Fast Noise Grind Duo

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