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Site Designated For Scattering Of Ashes In River Soar


Site Designated For Scattering Of Ashes In River Soar

A quite stretch of the River Soar close to the National Space Centre has been designated as a site suitable for relatives to scatter the ashes of their loved ones.

Leicester City Council and the Environment Agency had looked at a number of locations along the river where followers of any faith could scatter ashes.

The work followed calls for local facilities from the Hindu, Jain and Sikh communities. The nearest site currently is at Barrow Upon Soar, near Loughborough.

A suitable site in Leicester has now been chosen on a leafy stretch of the Soar, just behind the National Space Centre, which already has a sturdy platform in place, with good level access from a well-made path and handrails leading to the water’s edge.

The discrete spot is also surrounded by trees and shrubs, is low down to the water’s edge and is at a point in the river where ashes can be dispersed easily by the water. It is also away from any angling clubs, boating clubs or other organisations which use the river.

The proposed site was discussed by members of Leicester City Council’s heritage, leisure and sport scrutiny committee on January 28, who raised no objections to its planned new role.

It is now being trialled on an experimental basis for 12 months to help determine the level of interest and any impact on the surrounding area. The trail period will also allow for any alternations or improvements to be made at the site if needed.

However, relatives can pay to book an officer from the city council’s parks services team to be on hand to support them and scatter the ashes. That service costs £60, and is same service already offered for the scattering of ashes at Gilroes Cemetery or any of the city’s parks and green spaces.

Leicester assistant city mayor for culture, heritage, leisure and sport, Cllr Piara Singh Clair, said: “Local faith group leaders have been asking us for some time for a suitable site on the River Soar in Leicester for scattering ashes, and following work with the Environment Agency we’ve identified this location.

“It meets many of the requirements in terms of being a discrete, quiet spot suitable for such a ceremony, but is also easily accessible and safe for people to use.

“I will be contacting the various faith groups which have been involved in the development of a local site.”

There will be no charge for using the new facility, and mourners who want to scatter ashes themselves do not need to book.