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Sarah Bird Interview

sarah bird

Sarah Bird Interview

Sarah Bird is a very experienced singer/song writer from Leicester. She has toured, busked and gigged all over the UK and traveled extensively. We have been trying to get an interview set up for some time her and when we knew she was free we grabbed her for some one-to-one media time.

LM: What is your stage name?
SB: It is just my normal name ‘Sarah Bird’.

LM: How old are you?
SB: I’m 26 years old.

LM: Who else is in your band:
SB: David Gardiner, Willow Songsmith, Glen Riley, Joe Manger and my sister Lauren Bird.

LM: Where were you born?
SB: I was born in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester.

LM:Did you grow up in Leicester?
SB: I grew up in Markfield, a village in Leicestershire.

LM: What are your family origins?
SB: My Nanna & Grandad on my mum’s side are both Irish.

LM: What school did you attend?
SB: South Charnwood High School & Groby Community College

LM: what qualifications do you have?
SB: Well no degrees, for what I wanted to do. I felt a life playing music would be much more beneficial than furthering my education in music. So I decided to just gig and busk and have done since I was 16.

LM: How old where you when you began to express an interest in music?
SB: I remember being as young as 4 and writing songs on my Dad’s guitar (the first song I wrote was called ‘Apple Tree’ – can’t imagine it was very good!). My parents are musicians, so I’ve always had an interest in music.

LM: When did you begin performing?
SB: My first time on stage was at age 5, where my parents bought my sister and I on stage to sing Shakin Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone for the cute factor on one of their gigs.

LM: What music did you grow up listening to?
SB: Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and Tina Turner were among the favorites with my parents, and are still some of my favourite artists today. As I got older, I started listening to classics from Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Otis Redding.

LM: Have your family been supportive with your music?
SB: Always, I’ve carried on in the family foot steps!

LM: What is your biggest musical achievement to date?
SB: My biggest musical achievement to date is as simple as that I manage to make a living from it. I’ve worked really hard to build up a career in music, and there’s nothing better than working for yourself – knowing that you’ve put in all that effort and are able to gain the benefits from it. I also played to an audience in excess of 7000 at a festival in Gosport.

LM: What was your first ever gig.
SB: It’s hard to say as gigging has always been a part of my life, I’ve done well over 1500 gigs.

LM: Where do you hope your musical career will take you?
SB: I would like to be successful with my original songs. I’m not looking for fame and fortune(although a little bit of fortune would be nice!), I would just like a lot of people to have heard, and hopefully like my voice and music.

LM: What other bands or singers in Leicester do you like?
SB: Jesse Wright is a very talented soul/jazz singer/songwriter and Daryl Kirkland from the Kirkland Turn is someone I would always recommend listening to.

LM: Where and how often do you rehearse?
SB: I rehearse with my band at Ollie Petch’s studio in Leicester.

LM: What are your future musical ambitions?
SB: Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with lots of other artists on the Leicester music scene. I’m enjoying writing music on my own and gigging it with my band. I hope that my current EP will gain me more recognition.

LM: Who are your musical influences?
SB: I draw inspiration from modern soul and pop artists like Alicia Keys, Nikka Costa and Allen Stone. I also love the Noisettes and V V Brown, I really like the retro twist they bring. I saw Nikka Costa live at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, and thought to myself “that’s the kind of performer I want to be”. She has an amazing voice, but she also puts 100% into her performance. I’m really interested in stage showmanship and creating something that people actually want to watch as well as listen to.

LM: What was the first song you got recognistion for?
SB: One of my GCSE music assignment pieces, I got 2 marks off an A. So my teacher Tor Bridge, put it back in for marking, she thought it deserved an A They put it up by 1 point. Burn!

LM: What was the first album you recorded?
SB: I wrote and recorded an electro pop album called ‘Different’ at home myself when I was 18, I played all the instruments on it to drum loops. It was rough around the edges, but I’m proud of all the work I put into it.

LM:What are you currently listening to in the car?
SB: Nikka Costa up loud, she brings the funk!

LM: What’s your favourite music genre/s?
SB: I have an ecletic mix really but stuff such as soul, pop, blues, r’n’b, and funk

LM: Do you have any plans for releasing any new music at the moment?
SB: yes, I have just released a new EP ‘called Tattoo’. It has a pop/soul vibe with a retro twist. I try to write songs with melodies that people will remember.

LM: Where did your inspiration for the EP come from?
SB: The EP is inspired by New York (my favourite place on earth) also band relationships played a big part as they are the people you spend the most time with and love!

LM: Where did you record the EP?
SB: It was recorded by Neil Segrott at Tiny Studios Leicester.

LM: What are your plans for next year as far as your music goes?
SB: Well I recently spent 7 weeks in New York and I hope to go back next year and do some busking as well as a mini tour around the city.

If you liked reading about Sarah then we are going to put up a feature piece up shortly so keep you eyes open as it is well worth a read.

You can also find out more about Sarah Bird by visiting here website, visiting her Facebook page or listening to her Soundcloud Channel below: