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Residents Parking Scheme To Start In West End


Residents Parking Scheme Enforcement To Begin

If you’re a regular to the West End side of the city then you will no doubt be aware of the experimental parking scheme that has been running for the past few months.

The radical parking scheme is due to begin in earnest next week and could affect many local businesses including the local bars and restaurants.

The introduction of the scheme follows extensive work with local businesses and residents to gauge their views and tailor the scheme to meet local needs and concerns.

Local businesses in the area have raised concerns however that by restricting parking in the area could inadvertently have an impact on the local bars and restaurants as people may decide to stay away from the area.

It came into effect on Monday, December 16, with a three-week grace period during which unauthorised motorists were given warning notices, rather than a fine.

Now parking enforcement is due to begin properly from Monday, January 6.

The original start date was put back from October to December 2013 to ensure all businesses and residents who had applied for permits received them before the scheme got underway.

The Westcotes residents parking scheme is being run initially until April 2015, during which time it can be adjusted if need be to address any issues arising, or made into a permanent order.

Residents parking permits normally run for just 12 months, but permits for the Westcotes scheme will be applicable for the full 15 months until April 2015.