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Plans For Feature Lighting In Granby Street


Plans For Feature Lighting In City

Key city buildings in Leicester are set to benefit from lighting to highlight their architectural features.

A pilot scheme is being developed with property owners to install feature lighting to buildings along Granby Street.

The idea is to enhance the attractiveness of the city centre and increase perceptions of safety at night by introducing lighting to key buildings and spaces.

Buildings that could benefit include the Mercure Leicester Grand Hotel, the Y building and ISKCON, formerly the HSBC building, in Granby Street.

Using lighting techniques on important historic buildings, landmarks, focal points and routes into the city will help to enhance the look of the city centre and support Leicester’s evening and night-time economy.

The project would also remove or reduce the impact of inappropriate lighting, creating a softer ambience in parts of the city centre.

Cash to fund the £150,000 project would come from money set aside for the city’s Economic Action Plan, with contributions also sought from the private sector.

The proposals are part of a wider strategy to make sure visitors find it easy to navigate around the city centre.

Improvements to the city’s signs – for both vehicles and pedestrians – and new maps are planned to help people get around.

City mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Making sure that people can easily get around in the city centre is vital. This is a key part of our Connecting Leicester work to ensure shopping, leisure and heritage attractions are more effectively linked.

“If visitors have a good experience of getting around and find the city centre a pleasant place to be in, they will return – and they will tell others. The overall effect is then more people visiting our city, more people spending money in our shops and restaurants and staying in our hotels, and more people contributing to our vibrant city centre and local economy.”

He added: “There are some beautiful historic buildings in the city centre, but these can be easily missed if your eye isn’t drawn to them. By using subtle architectural feature lighting on key buildings, we will be making the best use of some of our city’s best assets, as well as highlighting some easily identifiable landmarks to guide people to different areas of the city centre.”

It is too early to say when the new lighting and signage might be installed, but detailed plans for both projects will now be drawn up.