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Guest Blog

The guest blog is unedited and produced in the layout depicted by the author. If you would like to have your own guest feature then drop us a line. Your article can be about anything music related and will be a feature post on our home page.

This weeks guest blog is by Local Music photographer Phil Vernon. Phil is a photographer who is beginning to build a reputation for himself as being a live music photographer and gives us a brief insight into his photography.


I have been interested in photography for quite a few years now, but it has only been recently that I have turned most of my attention to music/gig photography.


It kind of all started when I was trying to think of a project to do for the year 2013 within my photography, so I decided to combine my photography interest with my love of music.

leicester music

I knew someone who had a friend that was in a band, a few other photographers and I were asked if we’d be interested on doing a kind of mini photoshoot at a local studio. After that shoot, we were invited to a live gig the following week, and from attending that first gig I knew it was something that I wanted to peruse a bit further.


Musically, I will listen to most things, and with this project I have come to appreciate a lot more different styles and sounds of music than I probably would have before.


My main aim was to try and get to as many different venues and see as many varied acts as I could, to basically get an overview of the Leicester music scene as a whole. But as I have been doing this, I have found certain acts and venues that I have favoured over others, and keep going back to.


Most things I have done so far have kind of been interlinked in that after going to a gig, I will follow certain acts on Facebook and then from there see other events that I want to go to, or other acts that might be of interest to me.


I am very much enjoying what I am doing, and I hope that I have been able to capture the atmosphere and experience of events that I have photographed.


The feedback I have received so far has been mostly positive, but I am always looking to improve and gain more experiences in a variety of events.


You can visit Phils website HERE or check out Phils Facebook Page HERE or follow him on Twitter: @phiipjvernon – All images are copyright of Philip J Vernon.