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New Record Label launches in Leicester


New Record Label launches in Leicester

A newly created record label from Leicester has certainly been making waves within the local music industry.

The newly formed label; Obskeen Records was created in February 2013 by duo Jamie Darbyshir and Ashley Laywood and has been working very closely with some of Leicester’s newest up and coming musical artists.

The independent record label has been collaborating with various acts across the City and has just released Leicester band Mocassin Mile’s debut single ‘The Shine’. Obskeen where quoted as saying ‘we are very pleased with the progress we have made with Mocassin Mile’

Obskeen have now joined forces with rap and urban Hip-hop band A.R.T and will be releasing a 5 track E.P later this year.

The new label has also been working with Trevor Locke founder of Artsin Leicester as part of the Artists of Distinction Sessions. Obskeen are hoping to talent spot any potential new acts and help them to get their material recorded and released.

Lets hope that during these tough economic times Obskeen can make their mark on the local music scene and attract some of the up and coming major signings of tomorrow. I for one will certainly be keeping my eyes on the entrepreneurial duo and expect them to be become major players in the Leicester music scene.

You can visit the Obskeen records website HERE or follow them on Facebook HERE

You can also here Mocassin Miles debut single ‘The Shine’ on Soundcloud