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New Music Site For The East Midlands

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New Music Site For The East Midlands

A new website specifically focused on bringing music news, reviews and gossip from in and around the East Midlands has just been launched.

East Midlands Music (EMM), was set up by former Satellite Empire Guitarist and Music In Leicester Editor Olly Stabler.

The website aims to cover the major music news, reviews and interviews across the entire East Midlands and has been running for several weeks now.

Speaking about EMM, editor in chief, Olly Stabler, said;

“We are really excited to launch EMM, I realised there were no website’s or magazine’s covering the entire music scene across all of the East Midlands, so I decided to take on the challenge.

Olly continued;

“2014 has been a big year for music in the East Midlands with many new festivals and acts emerging onto the national music scene from the region and We are going to make sure we cover all of it”.

East Midlands Music is set to be an excellent media platform for both local and touring bands and their reach will no doubt attract a wide readership.

When asked how EMM was going to support the local music scene, Olly Stabler commented;

“EMM is simple, we will cover all major gigs across the East Midlands, leaving the local bands to be covered by their own local specific sites.

EMM has covered a number of events to date including an interview with teen boy band The Vamps and a review of the recent UB40 gig in Nottingham.

To find out more about east Midlands Music you can visit their website.

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