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New Bins Installed to Tackle Takeaway Litter in Highfields


New Bins Installed to Tackle Takeaway Litter

New bins have been installed along part of a busy road in Highfields to help tackle litter and food waste dropped by people visiting nearby takeaways and shops.

Stoneygate ward councillors had put in a bid for £1,800 of ward community funding to pay for the bins, which were installed over the last few days in Evington Road. The funding was secured shortly before Christmas 2013.

Four new larger bins replace the same number of small bins which had been installed near the shops and takeaways. The four smaller bins are in turn being relocated to nearby side streets.

Residents had raised with ward councillors the issue of litter along Evington Road, which has around 30 takeaways within half a mile of each other.

Stoneygate ward councillor, Lucy Chaplin, said: “We’ve listened to concerns about littering raised by local residents and businesses.

“Litter in this area is quite shocking – the street cleaners do a good job but even they cannot keep up.

“We hope these larger bins will be more visible so there’s no excuse for dropping litter. We need everyone in this area to be more considerate and dispose of their rubbish correctly.”

The new bins are outside William Hill bookmakers, near Stan James bookmakers, outside the Shoe Tree store and outside the Albela restaurant.