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Calling all musicians and vocalists:

  • Are you a new or established music act in Leicester?
  • Do you want to extend your fan base?
  • Are you looking at extending your reach across the internet?
  • Do you want your fans to read exclusive news, stories and interviews?
  • Do you have any new releases or gigs you would like to inform your fans about?

Leicestershire Music is a new website dedicated in bringing music related news and local interest stories to the people of Leicester and Leicestershire, which makes essential reading for your fan base or people just looking for a good read.

We can:

  • Write news stories about your up and coming gigs
  • Write articles about your new music releases
  • Feature you as one our ‘Featured Artist’
  • Put you on our homepage with a “Featured Video’ or ‘Featured Track’
  • Visit you at an agreed location for short interviews that usually last around 20 minutes

So if you are looking at working with a bright, fresh and new music website in Leicester then get in touch and take a step in the right direction and find out what the buzz is all about.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then email or go to our Contact Us page