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The Musician Leicester


The Musician Leicester.

The Musician Leicester is a particular favorite of mine. Located on Clyde Street in the heart of Leicester it features live music on most nights of the week. So you’re quite likely to discover some excellent local or touring bands just by popping down. The walls of this intimate venue are adorned with old gig posters and bill lists of some of the famous faces that have graced its stage.

Music legends Kasabian played this venue way before they where famous so it gives you an idea of just how good the Musician are at spotting local talent and it is why so many top acts want to play this venue.  The Musician also plays host to some superb local talent  and hosts the hugely popular Original Bands Showcase (OBS) put on by local promoter Val McCoy.

Another positive note about The Musician is that the customer base is very diverse and you don’t get bogged down with clicks, trends and or a particular age group.

In summary The Musician has a great atmosphere and great live and this is what people have come to expect from one of Leicester’s best music venues, A comfy and relaxed atmosphere that can quickly transform into a concert venue with friendly staff a great bar and good amenities.

You can visit the website here:
Address: The Musician Pub, 42 Crafton Street Craven, Leicester, LE1 2DE
Telephone: 0116 2510080

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