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Music Teacher Imprisoned For Sexual Offences


Music Teacher Imprisoned For Sexual Offences

A music teacher who has taught at various schools across the county has been jailed in connection with a number of child pornography offences.

Music teacher Andrew Goff (57) possessed more than 7,000 indecent images all of which where of children. He also distributed over 700 images across the internet.

The former music teacher has received a 16 month custodial sentence and although he has taught to children across the county their is currently no indication that he has committed any sexual offenses on the students he taught.

In a separate hearing his partner, Jack Steadman also admitted other unrelated sex offences including

Goff received a 16 month prison sentence and Steadman received an eight year detention sentence, as well as an additional four years on license.

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said “the police executed a search warrant at their home and seized Goff’s computer equipment containing thousands of indecent images, on July 11 last year.”

She continued, “The defendant was a music teacher and had been teaching at the school at that time.

“Inquiries were made and all the boys were students there, but there was no obvious reason for the defendant having a list of names, but there is no indication any offense was committed (against these pupils.”

Judge Brown said: “He initially tried to blame Steadman but the defendant is old enough to be his father or even grandfather and so there where no excuses.”

Goff taught in the county for over 30 years and even used a reference from the Soar Valley center who described his conduct as ‘exemplary’.

Goff also voluntarily sought clinical help from the Lucy Faithful rehabilitation centre and has tried to distance himself from any further action.

As well as Goff getting a 16 month sentence he was also placed on the sex offender register for 10 years.

Goff admitted five counts of possessing child pornography at level five category which is the most serious. He also admitted one count of distributing the indecent images.