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What Does A Music Promoter Do?


What Does A Music Promoter Do?

If you know what a music promoter does then that’s great, but there will be plenty of people new to the music scene that may not realise just how important a music promoter is.

As the name suggests a music promoter, promote live events, concerts and shows and to the untrained eye, the promoter may just seem like the person that collects the door charge and pays the bands. However, in reality a promoter carries out many more tasks that usually go unseen and it are these unseen tasks which deserve a better explanation in order to appreciate just how hard the promoter actually work.

These tasks can range from:

  • Locating and Securing venues – It is the job of the promoter, to find a venue that will be suitable for the event they plan to hold.
  • Liaising with venues – Once the event has been secured, the promoter will then liase with the venue to plan the event.
  • First point of contact: There could be various people that need to know things about the event and it will be the promoters job to be that first point of contact.
  • Find acts to play at the event – The promoter has to also secure the acts that are going to play at that event. This can be where a good promoter really earns their stripes and gain a good reputation. Because the better the lineup, the better the event and the more likely that the event will sell out.
  • Agreeing artist fees – Again as with securing the artists, agreeing a good fee from the promoter’s perspective will mean more money for the promoter once everything has been paid out.
  • Organise sound and lighting – Not all venues have there own sound and lighting and one can take it for granted that when you arrive at a venue, the sound and lighting kit is owned by the venue when in reality it has been organised by the promoter.
  • Additional Staff: The venue itself will probably only have its regular staff and the promoter may have to organize additional security, bar staff, reception staff, promo staff as well as any other people that may be integral to the smooth running of the event.
  • Generate awareness and interest: Have you ever been walking down the street and handed a flyer for a club night or music event? Well this would be more than likely something the promoter has put together and this is one of the main jobs of the promoter. The promoter will organize posters, flyer radio and television initiatives, orgnaise interviews with artists or even create competitions and giveaways.
  • Selling Tickets: The promoter may sell tickets to an event through various ways, for example through a website, ticket outlets or at an venue.
  • Collecting door charges: When you go to an event and pay a charge at the door, quite often it will be the promoter who is collecting the charge.

As you can see the role of a promoter is varied and at times challenging and makes a good promoter worth their weight in gold.

So, next time you pay your £5.00 door charge and say to your mates ‘what rip off’, maybe you will consider just how much hard work, financial investment and experience has gone into making your Saturday night out one to remember.