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Meri Everitt Plays to a Packed House.

Meri Everitt

Meri Everitt at Fubar

The Students Column
Written by Megan Warner
Photographs by Megan Warner

I was invited along to photograph and review Meri Everitt’s latest solo performance as the feature slot for the Open Mic Night at the FUBAR; a small, yet charming venue which acts as the gateway for the now high brow and trendy area known as Braunstone Gate.

Meri Everitt has been interested in music from an early age, and has been playing the guitar and writing music for over 10 years. She is a singer in a band called “The Kangaroo Alliance” As expected it was a packed out house as Meri prepared to deliver another eccentric and highly personal performance.

After a couple of acts it was Meri’s turn to perform and I have to admit I was very impressed by what I saw and heard. Her music can be described as “angry acoustic”, and I can safely say this is done in a tasteful way, which suited the amiable feel of the FUBAR.

She performed a number of her own songs, which varied pace, and dynamics, anger and sorrow all delivered with the same amount of passion. I particularly liked her song “Get the f**k off” me which livened the atmosphere with its fairly fast tempo and clever use of chords steering away from the conventional.

Her music comes from the heart and as with all good lyricists, her words are based on real events and relationships, which helps to deliver a touching and individual performance.

I would highly recommend you go and see one of her performances and in fact I would go further suggest you put it on your ‘things left to do’ in 2013 list. As her strong powerful voice means she delivers her songs well and is able to communicate the emotions she feels about the piece to the listener, leaving them in admiration of the performance. She is a real crowd pleaser and the audience couldnt get enough of her

Meri Everitt

Copyright Megan Warner 2013

Meri Everit fubar

Copyright Megan Warner 2013

Meri everitt singer

Copyright Megan Warner 2013

Megan Warner

Megan Warner is a 19year old Demontfort University degree student from Leicester who is studying photography through Leicester College. She has always had a passion for live event and music photography and hopes to move into this type of work as her photography career progresses. You can find out more about Megan and check out some of her photography via her Facebook Page.