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Oxjam Leicester 2013 – Megan’s View

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Oxjam Leicester 2013 – Megan’s View

The Students Column
Written by Megan Warner
Photographs by Megan Warner

Crowds of all ages gathered in Leicester City last Saturday for the Oxjam weekend. A number of venues played host to a variety of bands and solo singers performing in aid of Oxfam. I was spoilt for choice about where to go and who to photograph.

First of all, I took the opportunity to watch “Call Me Unique” play the guitar and sing at Midas Bar around the corner from Curve. She has previously performed at several well-known arenas such as the LG Arena and the O2 Academy in Birmingham. She has recently supported Niki Minaj and Jessie J. There is no doubt that Call Me Unique is moving up in the music world.

I thoroughly enjoyed her performance in which she came across as a very passionate and bubbly individual who made it clear that succeeding in the music industry is a challenge. She aimed to please the crowd and interacted with them adding to the lively atmosphere. Her music can be described as a mixture of jazz and soul combined with scat-singing, something of which I had never come across before. It certainly made her songs different and unique. Each song was delivered perfectly and through her gestures and emotions I could see that each lyric had meaning and came from the heart. I particularly enjoyed her song “The Wife” about independent women. Her use of hammer chords (short chords) made it different and interesting.

Following Call Me Unique was Rebecca King, a singer and songwriter from Nottingham. She performed a couple of her own songs and an acoustic cover of Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie which was an excellent variation of the original song. Her loud and soft voice delivered the songs brilliantly and she was able to keep the crowd engaged and entertained.

Leaving Midas Bar I walked over to Manhattan Bar to watch the Eaves and The Thieves perform. The Eaves and The Thieves formed in Loughborough and consist of three members, Lucy Chapman, Eddie Chapman and Mat Tracy, two singers and a guitarist. I knew I was in for something different with this band as the music they play is mainly folk, and I had never listened to this live before, I had no idea what to expect. The Eaves and The thieves performed well, offering the audience a chance to listen to their perfect harmonies, well written lyrics, soft voices and watch an overall confident performance.

Over at the Sound House it was Violet Cities turn to perform. The Leicester Band consisting of four members ; bass guitarist Doug, drummer Dan, guitarist James Hazel and lead singer and guitarist James Lewis. They delivered an incredible performance. Each band member was enthusiastic and their energy clearly rubbed off on the audience as they seemed lively and engaged. The meaningful lyrics and fast tempo made each song pleasant to listen to. James Lewis is evidently rich with vocal talent; his husky voice complimented the other members of the band who played magnificently. I particularly enjoyed their song “Forcing this Love” which I purchased from itunes as soon as I arrived home. I would recommend a visit to the Violet City Gig and I believe we will be hearing a lot more of them on the scene in Leicester and further afield.

Following the performance of Violet cities was two of the four piece indie band Midnight Wire. Midnight Wire have had experience performing to large crowds in various cities. Their performance at the Sound House was delivered as well as any other. They interacted with the crowd and added to the lively atmosphere. Their songs are catchy and you can’t resist moving along to the beat, I would love to go and see the full band live. Listening to Midnight Wire was a terrific way to end a joyful day at Oxjam and I look forward to next year’s event. If people are looking for a fun day out filled with a variety of musical talent then a visit to next year’s Oxjam is a must.

Please visit Visit Oxfam’s donation page to find out more about how you can help in the fight against poverty.

Megan Warner

Megan Warner is a 19year old Demontfort University degree student from Leicester who is studying photography through Leicester College. She has always had a passion for live event and music photography and hopes to move into this type of work as her photography career progresses. You can find out more about Megan and check out some of her photography via her Facebook Page.