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Marketing Your Band


Marketing Your Band

As much as you may consider your music to be a pass time or hobby, as soon as you begin playing gigs and getting yourself heard you have automatically made yourself a commodity and like any good product or service you need to be able to turn yourself from a basic commodity into a hot commodity. But how do you change from a local musical artist to a profitable musical act. Well if you don’t have management team then you will have to implement your own marketing and promotional campaigns and there are several easy ways in which you can help to promote your act.

Social Networking
Social media site such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube allow you to form social connectivity with your fan-base, media groups and even other artists. This is done through sharing statuses; liking comments and almost treating it like an online journal.

The advantage’s of using social media is that is very easy to manage and can be kept up to date very easily from any mobile or desktop device requires little or no tech knowledge.

Many people consider social networking to be the ‘be all and end all’ of self-promotion and marketing and no longer consider trying to reach a wider target audience. This can however actually hinder your professional development rather than help it and you need to consider other methods to get your name out there to a wider target audience.

Get A Website
Consider this; if you are looking for a service or product do you search Facebook or a search engine (Google). You have probably already answered that question by now and I bet I know what your answer was, and this is why relying on social networking is not as important as first imagine.

It is just as important to have a website where everyone can view you without the hassle of likes, privacy policies and sign-ins. A good website will allow you to not only communicate with your fan-base but also any potential promoters, venue owners or clients and demonstrate that you are a professional forward thinking act that wants to put across a good image.

Surprisingly owning a website doesn’t have to cost the earth and you can get yourself on line with a professional looking website for less than a £20.00 a year. Many website hosting companies also offer simple drag and drop systems meaning you can put a website together in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Eastenders.

so it is certainly worth investing a small amount of money in something that could potentially sell your act to every promoter, venue owner and client 10 times over.

On Line Music Downloads

If you don’t have any of your material online then it’s about time you did as it’s going to be quite tricky to get people to hear and share your stuff if you don’t. If you have a recording of your band that is not available, online then you’re sitting on a potential goldmine. You have plenty of hosting options, but some of the more popular ones are Soundcloud, iTunes and Bandcamp so these are definatly worth checking out.

Local and National Media.
If you have not already read this article on the media then you can read it HERE

There are so many media outlets at the minute that you could be spoilt for choice. The internet has revolutionised how people consume music and with it how people read about music, to the point where it can feel like everyone is a critic and it is harder than ever to stand out in the crowd. Not only are there the traditional printed media outlets, but there is also a completely new online mediams known as bloggers. And just like traditional journalists it pays to have these virtual columnists on side because their blog posts can be very popular across the world and within certain circles.

Freebies and Giveaways
Everyone likes something for free and all its takes is some imagination as to how best apply this to your own act. Maybe you could offer the first 5 people to your next gig free entry or some free copies of your next album if so many people like your Facebook Page, the possibilities are endless and it just takes some imagination.

So there you have it some great pointers on how to market yourself and get you to stand out from the crowd.