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Local Bar Sets Sail On a Voyage Of Music And Spoken Word


Get Taken on a Voyage of Music and Spoken Word

Launched into space in 1977 to study the outer planets, Voyager 1 has become the first man-made object to leave the Solar System.

To celebrate its incredible achievement Pi-Bar are having an evening of musical entertainment and spoken word which will be hosted by Kathy Ratcliffe (Quantumologist) on Thursday 28th of November.

The music lineup includes Chris Conway, Mia and the Moon, Modulator ESP and Live Wire,

Chris Conway is a true multi-instrumental wizard – playing piano, keyboards, 9string acoustic & electric guitars, low, tin & twin whistles, live electronics, kalimba, theremin, zither, and not only this but he also does vocals. Making Chris a one of a kind artist who can put out a unique set everytime he plays.

If Chris Conway wasn’t enough, Sister duo Mia and the Moon will also be taking part in this very special evening.

Mia and the Moon have gained national recognition through their music and are one of the few acts to actually quit X-Factor 2012 after not being happy with way in which the show was ran.

Another act sure to get you in the mood for the evenings entertainment is Modulator ESP.

Modulator ESP produces improvised experimental soundscapes using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between ’70s space music, noise and dark ambient drone.

If this wasn’t enough, Live Wire will also grace the Pi-Bar stage in what will be another top performance.

This will certainly be a high caliber evening with all the acts earning separate merits for their unique musical achievements and something not to be missed.

You can find out more about Pi-Bar on our music venues section or alternatively check out the Facebook event page.

You can find out more about Pi Bar by visitng their Facebook Page
Address: Pi Bar, 1 Norman Street /Narborough Road Leicester LE3 0BA
Telephone: 0116 254 5200

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