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Leicestershire Rapper ‘Jonezy’ Goes From Strength to Strength


Jonezy Goes From Strength to Strength

Loughborough based rapper Jonezy is a rising star on the Leicestershire Hip-Hop scene and his popularity seems to grow by the week as he is very much in demand at the moment.

Not only has he had a wave of gigs and festivals to perform over the summer months, but his popularity has now begun to stretch over to our European cousins. As Jonathan ‘Rapper’ Jones performed in the annual music contest ‘Bandwagon’ hosted by the Norwegian media group Amedia, where he took third place in what can only be described as ‘a dream come true’ for the Leicester rapper.

He also had separate appearances with Norwegian singer Alexandru and after returning from his European adventures has continued to make his presence known within the Hip-Hop community by announcing a spring release date for his third album.

Jonezy’s popularity has been put down to him not using explicit lyrics that might be thought offensive to very young people or to the older generation and this makes Jonathan both a rare commodity and a valuable asset within the urban music scene.

Jonathan is also a Christian and has a huge following within the Christain music circle. However this hasn’t put a net around him as a performer and Jonezy’s appeal is very wide and draws in people from all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

This wide appeal recently stepped up a notch when he performed a feature slot with Leicester band ‘Strike Up the Colours’ as well a performances with ‘Four Point Oh’ and has proven that a rapper can cross the boundaries of music and deliver a quality performance which reaches out to the many rather than the few.

Jonathan has continued to build on his success by attracting interest from BBC Radio Leicester and performing at the hugely popular Oxjam Leicester 2013 music festival where he put on a memorable performance with his close friend and music partner Alexandru who flew in from Norway especially for the event.

Just as things couldn’t seem to get any better for the internationally recognised rapper it has just been announced that Jonezy will be supporting ‘The Vamps’ at Leicesters annual firework display on Abbey Park where he is expected to perform in front of around 15000 spectators and could be the icing on what has been a very delicous cake for him this year

Jonathan is expected to continue with his success in 2014 with a third album on the cards as well as performances at many of Leicestershire’s music festivals and other local music events and with his broad appeal to audiences from all music genres, faiths and ethnicities. He is expected to continue growing as an artist as Jonezy wows the audiences with his first class performances.

To purchase tickets for the Abbey Park fireworks display you can visit the Visit Leicester website.

Photograph courtesy of Kevin Gaughan
Find out more about Jonezy via his Facebook Page.
You can also see his recent BBC radio appearence below: