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Leicester City of Culture 2017 Bid Fails


Leicester City of Culture 2017 Bid Fails

The Students Column
Written by Peter Daniels

After a huge roller coaster of a ride for Leicester City Council and the people of Leicester, the anncoucement that Leicester had failed in its bid to become UK City of Culture 2017 came through this morning, loosing out to Kingston-upon-Hull

Supporters of the Leicester’s City of Culture bid gathered very early at The Curve theatre in order to hear what was hoped to be good news. But instead Leicester Mayor Peter Souslby had to listen to the news that Hull had won the final bid.

City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said “We hear in Leicester are desperatly dissapointed, but the first thing we must do is to congratulate Hull.”

Sir Peter continued “Leicester has responded to the challenge of bidding to be a candidate city in a trulely remarkable way.”

Culture Secretary Maria Miller made the announcement on a live TV interview and went on to say “This is brilliant news for Hull and everyone involved in the bid there. It can produce a wonderful mix of inward investment, and civic pride and I hope Hull’s plans will make the most of all that being UK City of Culture can bring”

The City Mayor was in somber mood as he went on to say “Leicester has shown itself to be proud of everything that it has and is self confident and ambituos about its future.”

The bid process took nine months to put together and cost £125,000. The city council spent £60,000 and Leicestershire County Council £20,000.

Additional contributions from De Montfort University of £30,000 and University of Leicester of £15,000.
where also put in, in order to help with the costs.

So what next for Leicester?

There are a number of planned events in 2014/15 as a legacy to the bid process and an 18-month programme of events will start next summer.