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Leicester Band Titan Announce Split.


Leicester Band Titan Announce Split

Last week the well known Leicester band ‘Titan’ officially announced they were spliting and it would seem that their popularity has been a little underestimated after being inundated with questions about the split.

So in a very public statement today made on Facebook they said, “We’re getting a lot of people asking why we’re splitting up, so it seems only fair to give an honest and complete answer here. We hit a creative wall a long time ago and have been frustrated with our struggle to come up with new and interesting material, as that’s what the motivating factor was for us in the early days and what we all love most about being in a band. Also with changing personal circumstances our priorities as individuals are changing and we’d hate to stay together for the sake of it and hold each other back from what we as individuals really want to achieve musically.”

The statement continued, “It’s a sad time for us but we are all still great mates and are all individually going to remain a part of the music scene with different projects going forwards. The possibility of a reunion gig or acoustic set or two hasn’t been ruled out in the longer term and we are still working on getting our second EP finished and released.”

Titan ended things by saying “Thanks everyone for all your support over the past 2 years, we’ll let you all know what we’re up to via this page.”

Titan will be supporting Formal Warning on the 29th March at the Leicester O2 which will also be there farewell gig.

You can find out more about the gig via the Facebook Page

Image courtesy of Rob Gurney at Digital Mechanic