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Kevin Gaughan Interview

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Kevin Gaughan Interview

Kevin Gaughan is a local music journalist and radio presenter who is dedicated to promoting the local musical talent that spans both the city and county. I met Kevin in a local bar just as he was on his way to the Artsin event ‘Singers of Distinction’ and I managed to grab him for 20 minutes for an interview.

LM: How did you get into music?
KG: About 20 years ago, I used to go to biker pubs and watch rock nights. I eventually got my friends to join me, the nights got better, and the crowds got bigger, so I suppose that’s where it started.

LM: Where do feel your biggest musical influences come from?
KG: I have a life long buddy called Tim who I have known since I was three and he introduced me to music when I was 15, so I guess he was my greatest influence.

LM: What is your favourite music genre?
KG: Well my music roots are rock with bands like AC DC and Metallica

LM: Who is your favourite music artist?
KG: My favorite music artists would have to be AC DC

LM: What is your favourite AC DC track?
KG: I would have to say Hells Bells

LM: What was your first album?
KG: I’m pretty sure it was probably ABBA Arrival.

LM: What was your first single?
KG: That would have been Denis by Blondie

LM: How did you get involved in the Leicester Music Scene?
KG: Well I moved to Leicester some years ago and loved going to gigs, but noticed that the crowds where very small and wanted to do something to help. It was at this time that I met Trevor Locke from Artsin who asked me if I wanted to do some gig reviews and it all started from there.

LM: So why did you want to get involved on the Leicester music scene?
KG: Well I just wanted to help the local scene and hopefully make people feel the same way about music as I do.

LM: So once you got involved with Artsin, how did your initial review spots develop into a deeper involvement?
KG: It happened organically I suppose. I had written some excellent reviews about gigs and then I found I enjoyed photographing the gigs and also started to do video.

LM: Have you done anything else other than volunteering for Artsin?
KG: Well I managed a band called Resin for a while, but I had to stop managing them because although it was very rewarding, I didn’t think I could do much for them as they wanted to expand their fan base nationally and my knowledge of the music industry is predominantly Leicester based.

LM: How did you end up being a presenter on Takeover Radio?
KG: I had been approached by BBC Radio presenter John Sinclair to help him on a music show he was heading up for Radio Leicester about local music. Unfortunately the show was cancelled though, so I decided to approach various local Radio stations to see if anyone else was willing to take on Johns original format of a local music show and Takeover radio thought it was an excellent idea.

LM: Is being part of Takeover Radio rewarding?
KG: Oh defiantly, not only do I get to work with some of the best up and coming radio talent in the UK, but I also have the opportunity promote the Leicestershire music scene in a way I never expected to be able to.

LM: So tell me a bit about your radio show.
KG: Well its called Made In Leicester and it is aired on a Saturday between 4pm and 6pm. We interview local music artists and just try and help them by getting their names out there.

LM: What is your most memorable interview?
KG: That has to be with a band called Iron Python, at first the younger presenters where a little concerned about interviewing them, but by the end of the interview everyone loved them.

LM: Do you have any plans to go to a larger radio station at any point?
KG: Well I do this to help promote local bands. So if an opportunity came up to go to a radio station with more listeners which wanted to focus on local music, then I would certainly consider it.

LM: What radio station do you generally listen to?
KG: I tend to gravitate to Radio 2

LM: Your favourite radio presenter?
KG: Oh that would have to be Steve Wright.

LM: Out f all of your media and radio duties, which thing do you enjoy the most?
KG: For me it would have to be going to a good gig.

LM: As a radio presenter which local musical talent do you currently have your eye on?
KG: Obviously there are a lot of local bands I like, but the ones that are really doing it for me at the moment are The Brandy Thieves.

KG: What is it about The Brandy Thieves you like?
KG: They are just really special and when you watch them perform you just know they are a band that could be really going places.

LM: What are your plans for the next 12 months as far as your music journalism goes?
KG: Well I tend to go with the flow and I just tend to see what happens?

LM: What are you currently listening to in the car?
KG: Kasabian – Velociraptor

LM: What will your next music purchase or download be?
KG: The flying Kangaroos new single which has been put onto vinyl – I love vinyl.

LM: Favourite curry?
KG: My local Indian restaurant does a great curry called a vegetable Naga curry

LM: Finally Kevin, what is your favourite soft drink?
KG: Well if you are going to have a soft drink then it should be good for you, so a fruit smoothie would be my preferred option.

LM: Well Kevin that’s it we are all done – Thank you for your time.
KG: No problem at all I am always happy to help the local music scene in anyway I can.

You can catch up with Kevin Gaughan and the guys from Takeover Radio by visiting their Facebook Page HERE