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Is The X-Factors Sam Bailey a Cheat or a Winner?

sam bailey

The X-Factors Sam Bailey – Cheat or Winner?

Love it or hate it, the X-Factor returned with avengence last Saturday and as always the show started as controversial as ever, with Leicester prison officer Sam Bailey causing a storm in one of Simon Cowles many tea cups.

The 36 Year old mum of two from Leicester wow’d the judges with her version of Beyonce’s “Listen” as she was given the prime time billing on Britain’s biggest talent show.

At the end of the performance, the judges gave Sam a standing ovation.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger commented “That’s exactly how that song is supposed to be sung: with the passion of singing for your life!”

Garry Barlow also said, “Sam, oh my god, your voice is incredible! Well done! And thank you for coming to see us.”

But only days after her amazing TV performance, red top publication The Sun ran a story that Sam Bailey was in fact an ex cruise ship singer who had been singing for years.

The Sun dubbed her a “fake newbie” as it emerged she had previously performed with the likes of Lulu and Beverley Knight.

Critics have since laid into Sam about her honesty and said that her current X-Factor place should given to a more worthy singer.

However Sam said to the Leicester Mercury this week: “I’ve been performing on and off for years but I’ve never been given that big break and the chance to stand out as a solo artist. In the work I’ve done I’ve always been bottom billing – even the bingo comes above me – and it’s never been enough to pay the bills or earn a decent living, that’s why for the past three years I’ve been working as a prison officer.”

Leicester singer Sam has now made it through to the “Boot Camp Round” as she brought the house down this week with another standing ovation at Wembley Arena in front of a 4000 strong crowd.

Of course, there will be two arguments for Sam Baily and how she entered The X-Factor.

Some people will just moan about TV talent shows and say that Sam Should be singing in local venues and people should be going to local gigs every weekend and watching home grown talent “the real way.”

There will also be the other side of the argument that think TV talent shows are a good thing and help to promote new and struggling artists into the lime light.

Whichever way you look at it, Sam has certainly made a name for herself and even if she doesn’t get through much further, she will know doubt be appearing on a West End stage somewhere in London very soon.

Putting my own views on the X-Factor aside and playing devils advocate. I don’t picture grandma and granddad or mum and dad of three sitting in the Musician or Soundhouse every Friday and Saturday night; If nothing more than because of circumstances. So if they get their fix of emerging talent via the Simon Cowell’s showboat, then so be it.

As for Sam bailey, I have to say fair play to the girl. She has done what she has had to do, to get what she wants. And rather than being ruthless and deceptive, she has just been very ingenuitive in getting herself onto the national stage. Because I don’t think I have met a single performer who doesn’t dream of singing at Wembley Arena or on ITV Prime Time.

Finally lets not forget that at a time when Leicester is trying to showcase its very best talent for its City of Culture Bid, what better way than to have one of our home grown singers performing live every Saturday night on National TV.