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Integral Element Studios Interview


Integral Element Studios – Vijay Patel

When it comes to recording studios we all know the popular names in Leicester that tend to work with the bigger bands and acoustic acts across the county. But there are however some lesser known studios out there. One such studio is Integral Element who are a Leicester based company probably more well known in the urban music scene. But when i heard that IE are currently looking to begin expanding their client base by working with more bands and acoustic acts across the city, I was very interested to hear more about this studio and Its owner.

LM: Hello, I am currently in a recording studio in Leicester and talking to;
VJ: Vijay Patel

LM: So Vijay can you tell us a little bit about what part you play in Leicesters music industry.
VJ: Well I own a recording studio in Leicester called ‘Integral Element Studios’.

LM: Do you just run the recording studio or do you do anything else.
VJ: I also manage various musical acts in Leicester

LM: So why did you want to set up a recording studio?
VJ: I was working a 9-5 and just got a bit bored with everything ; you know – working, going home, watching TV, going bed and going back to work. I then got involved with a small studio in Loughborough as something positive to do and to pass the time.

LM: How did that pass time grow into building your own recording studio?
VJ: Well as my interest for music grew, so did my network of musicians and I could see a gap in the market for a more affordable recording studio experience. So I decided to build this place.

LM: How long has it taken to create your studio?
VJ: Well it has been a long journey, and it has taken about 6 six years to be at a stage where I am now ready to offer the studio out to all artists and musicians across Leicester.

LM: So are you working with many artists in your studio?
VJ: Well obviously I work very closely with my own acts, but there has recently been a steady flow of new artists and clients dropping by to use the facilities here.

LM: So do you find it difficult to manage acts and run the studio?
VJ: Difficult no, time consuming yes, but hard work always pays off and in the end I know it will all be worthwhile.

LM: Before the studio did you have any other business expertise in the music industry?
VJ: Well prior to me running the studio full time, I came from an I.T background and for so using the equipment is something I have learn’t to do very competently.

LM: Do you have any prior experience in managing music acts?
VJ: Not really no and so I really jumped in at the deep end when I got involved in the management side of things.

LM: How did you learn to manage your acts with no experience?
VJ: I quite literally learn everything on the fly and it’s a lot to take in for one artist let alone three, but I am now in a position where I am very competent and have a good understanding of the business.

LM: Are you from a musical background?
VJ: No not at all, I tried the recorder for a week in primary school and hated it and that was it until much later.

LM: So at what age did you release that music could be for you?
VJ: It was probably very late in my life – I would say late teens, early 20’s. But once I did get involved, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about the production side of things and it was a natural progression to set up my own studio.

LM: Are your studios available to anyone that wants to hire them.
VJ: Yes they are, you can visit the website and get in touch – we would love to see you all down here.

LM: Does your studio cater solely for solo artists or can you house bands.
VJ: Yes we can cater for any act; we even had an orchestra down here once. It was tight but we managed it somehow.

LM: What are your own musical interests?
VJ: Well I have an eclectic mix of music and listen to anything from Paul Simon to Michael Jackson. But my main stay as far as what I play in general is Hip-hop music, especially UK Hip-hop.

LM: Do you have anything chart wise that you listen to in the car?
VJ: I don’t really follow chart music as such as I’m not personally to fond of commercial chart music.

LM: Do you do any work in the community or offer your studio facilities out as a community resource?
VJ: We are currently trying to secure funding so we can work with local young people and set up some workshops. I hope to be able to work with some of the local kids, maybe get them in the studio and assist them in putting an album together – if not that, then something very similar projects.

LM: What are your plans for the studio over the next 12 months.
VJ: Well I just want to promote the studio more and get my name out to the musicians across the city and hopefully work more with some of the more main stream acts in Leicester.

LM: Favourite alcoholic drink?
VJ: Sailor Jerry Rum.

LM: Finally Vijay what is your favourite thing on toast?
VJ: Strawberry jam

LM: Vijay I always thank people for giving me the time for an interview, but can I also thank you for inviting me over to your studios and making me feel so welcome.
VJ: No problem, everyone is welcome.

You can find out more about Intergral Element Recording Studios by visiting the website HERE
Photograph Courtesy of Danny O’Callaghan –