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The Importance of Good Promo Shots – Leicester Music

KY Rapper

The Importance of Good Promo Shots.

If you have never considered band photography and album art to be just as important as the music itself, then think again. Because by neglecting this aspect of your music career you are missing out on a great opportunity to market yourself. Having a good promo portfolio and memorable album cover artwork could gratefully improve your chances of getting media coverage, taking bookings and selling records.

In today’s world of visual imaging you need to represent yourself in a way that is going to make you stand out from the other music acts, as it could mean the difference between getting a gig and not getting a gig. In addition, bear in mind that once you have a gig, having good poster art that is memorable and reflects your image will help you to sell more tickets and popularise your act.

Remember you are trying to sell yourself in the same way that Apple sell Phones or Dyson sell vacuum cleaners and both the aforementioned will use their best products, captured in the best setting possible to aid in selling their products.

So, how can you succeed in having successful promo material without spending a fortune?

Well firstly you need to think about your image and how you can portray that image visually. A good example of this can be seen in the main article photograph which features Leicester rapper KY. As you can see he has made a conscious effort to secure the services of a competent photographer and this has helped him to create a set of images best suited to his music genre, which can be used for various medians such as album artwork, posters and flyers. KY also worked very closely with his photographer in sourcing locations relevant to his industry image and this has helped his photographer create some excellent and visually stimulating photographs.

Some examples of Rapper KY’s promo portfolio.

As you have probably worked out my now, the person that is going to help you achieve this is a competent photographer. Now I did say a competent photographer so forget about getting your mate who’s got a great camera on his new phone, that just won’t cut it and there comes a point when you are going to have acquire the services of a photographer whether they be a good amateur or an excellent professional.

Firstly, try asking a few professional photographers how much they actually charge, as you may be surprised at how little it could cost you to have a professional photography shoot.

Next, consider checking out the local music photography scene, as some music photographers won’t charge you if it means they get to add some new images to their own photography portfolios.

If you’re still struggling to find a local photographer that meets your budget and requirements. Then you could try approaching your local college or university and find out if there are any student photographers that would be interested in shooting you.

Remember, It is always better to have a photographer to take your photographs so don’t sell yourself short. Think of it this way – when you get married, would you trust your mate with his IPhone4 to photograph your special day? Well the same consideration needs to be taken, when putting together your promo shots. Because taking the time out now to invest some thought and maybe a little bit of money into a portfolio now could vastly improve your chances of getting gigs later.

Finally, keep in mind that photos expire quickly and just like any business, you constantly need to think about branding and marketing. If you successfully get photographs placed in various media outlets, you need new ones every 6-12 months to continue getting your imagery used and keep your look fresh.

Images courtesy of Leicester photographer Danny O’Callaghan. WEBSITE FACEBOOK
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