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I Wanna Be A Rockstar – Heat One


I Wanna Be A Rockstar – Heat One

Saturday night saw the first heat of the highly anticipated ‘I Wanna Be a Rockstar 2014’ competition at one of Leicester’s most iconic music venues; The Shed on Yeoman Street.

The IWBAR music competition offers competitors the opportunity to audition for the chance to perform live in front of local industry judges and locals audiences, generating valuable media attention and exposure for some of the UK’s best up and coming music acts.

IWBAR is one of biggest music talent show’s in the City and has earned itself a reputation for spotting some of the best musical talent across the UK as well as being one of the most transparent music competitions around.

Heat one certainly saw a clash of the titans with a list of bands that read like a who’s who of new musical talent.

Compares for the night were Ersilia Vignali who has been comparing at IWBAR since it started and Loughborough based rapper ‘Jonezy’, also put his own unique touch on the nights events.

First up on stage were one of the Leicester’s newest bands ‘The Bobcats’ a three piece blues rock band fronted by the ultra charismatic Stu Crown. The Bobcats have already put their stamp on the Leicestershire music scene and from the first song, proved just why Stu Crown and his Bobcats have been making waves across the city.

What I really like about Stu is his commanding presence on the stage and as soon as he begins to sing, your attention is drawn to the band whether you like it or not.

Crown’s vocals are bloke-ishly charged and showcase his arresting voice and richly hued blues rock sensibility and along with the rest of The Bobcats he has steadily been building a reputation as an exciting and powerful singer that is not to be missed.

Next to don the stage were Nottingham rock band ‘Starscreen’ who played a blues influenced indie rock set that immediately made you think ‘these guys are good’ and proved yet again why Dave Norris the IWBAR creator has a natural ability to spot good talent.

As they continued to play the audience were clearly impressed as Starscreen grabbed their attention, which stopped the audience grabbing for their pint glasses.

Lead vocalist Daz McNevin continued to fill the room with his powerful vocal and enticing presence as he filled track changes with his cheeky chappy personality more suited to a comedy club.

With the rest of the band serving as the spark behind the Notts collective, Daz’s obvious stage presence was clear to see, as Starscreen managed dominate the room and set the benchmark for the rest of the evening. Proving why Nottingham is a breeding ground for new talent and why Leicester should never take its foot off the throttle.

Next there was a noticeable change to the evening as Lancashire rockers ‘Sky Valley Mistress’ put on a show stopping performance making that long drive down the M6 well worth journey and I have to say I was seriously impressed by these guys.

Lead vocalist Kayley Davies proved to everyone why ‘Sky Valley Mistress’ have been making a name for themselves, having already being spotted by Glastonbury and Download festival.

Kayley Davies has a unique voice and puts on a provocative performance, which helps to focus the spotlight on the band whilst she performs, using her sinuous driven soulful voice to keep the audience fixated throughout.

Sky Valley Mistress could be a band on the verge of greatness and if this performance was anything to go by, then I can see why they have decided to tour and spread the word.

Finally, it was a trip back the Midlands with Coaville band ‘The Bench That Rocked’ a four piece punk rock band who were audibly pleasant to listen to and it was the perfect band for ending the night on.

From their first track it was clear to see that their sound was tight and concise as their youthful look help to inject a refreshing final hit of music into the night.

Front man Billy Chamberlain is both big in stature and stage presence, and it’s easy to see how the whole band take advantage of this. The charismatic front-man instinctively knows how to work a crowd using a clever selection of well written tracks as well as throwing in some carefully thought out covers.

But no matter the song, there’s a boundless creativity, energy and romanticism holding the whole band together, which could keep even the the most annoying of naysayers happy and the rest of us thinking out of the proverbial box.

It was a pleasure to see ‘The Bench That Rocked’ perform and they are certainly a band that you wouldn’t mind buying a ticket for and as far as youth and energy go, they would certainly would take 1st place every time.

I suppose the only down side to the whole night was that there had to be winners and losers, because all of the bands deserved a place in the next round and as I said at the start, it is clear to see how Dave Norris has become one of the Cities biggest promoters when he puts a line up together like this for a competition.

so who were the winners and losers? After a nail biting 20 minute wait, the two acts that went through to the next round were announced as ‘The Bobcats’ and ‘The Bench That Rocked’ who were both deserved winners.

If you didn’t manage to get over to heat one of IWBAR then heat two is this coming Saturday at The Shed Yeoman Street.

To find out more about this Saturday’s IWBAR event visit the Facebook event page.

Photos coming soon.