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Fireworks Display Brings Out Music Fans


Fireworks Display Brings Out Music Fans

Leicester’s Abbey Park was at the heart of the cities Big Bang last night as a spectacular fireworks display was seen by an estimated 15,000 people who didn’t let the bad weather spoil the big night.

Gem 106 where at the heart of the cities Big Bang as breakfast show hosts Sam and Amy compared for the night and got everyone ready for the cities biggest fireworks extravaganza.

There was also a distinct musical theme to the evening as some of Leicester’s finest talent performed for the huge crowd.

First to hit the weather battered stage was local rapper Jonezy, the self proclaimed ‘positive vibes rapper’ put on an impressive set, performing some of his best tunes to a very enthusiastic crowd and he clearly had some fans in the audience.

It is clear to see that over the past year Jonezy has deveoped as a performer and through his constant hard work week in and week out, he is beginning to make himself a reputation as a serious rapper.

Next up was Curtis Clacey who we have been covering over the past week on his lead up to the Abbey Park event.

Curtis has already had a huge performance earlier in the week, as he auditioned for the well know TV show Britain’s Got Talent. But he still put on a highly polished performance and it was clear to see that his confidence in front of large crowds is on par with any chart topping performer as he delivered his first track.

His command over the 15,000 strong crowd continued as he got them all to perform an acoustic version of the Mexican wave which saw the entire crowd create a ‘sound wave’ which moved through the entire audience from left to right.

Curtis continued to make waves throughout the rest of his performance and if you hadn’t heard the name Curtis Clacey at the beginning of the night, you certainly knew who he was by the end.

He finished his performance by capturing the 15,000 strong audience on a very special Instagram video of the audience, which he posted online for everyone to see.

Curtis certainly didn’t let anyone down and its easy to see that a performance he had made at Earls Court only a few weeks before, helped him to put on a his one of his most memorable performances to date.

The final act to head onto the stage was the latest boy band sensation ‘The Vamps’.

The Vamps are the latest in a in a new strain of boy bands to hit the charts and after signing with their manager back in 2011 where quickly spotted by Mercury Records and have also supported McFly on their last tour.

The Vamps played a very lively set which included their debut single ‘Can We Dance’ and lead singer Bradley Simpson left hearts racing as he put on a performance good enough to warm up the entire crowd and left hundreds of teenage girls screaming for more.

After the Vamps had finished their performance the only thing left to do was to get the fireworks started and this was done by City Mayor Peter Soulsby who made a very quick speech before he pulled the switch to start one of Leicester’s largest firework displays of the year.

To find out more about more about Curtis Clacey’s new album visit his Bandcamp channel or read more about Curtis via Twitter or visit his Facebook page.

Find out more about Jonezy via his Facebook Page.

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