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Dan Wright Releases His Debut Single


Dan Wright Releases His Debut Single

Even though Leicester singer Dan Wright is still relatively new to the Leicestershire music scene, he has already been picked up by a record label and currently in the recording studio putting together new material and has just released his first single entitled ‘Free To Roam’.

‘Free To Roam’ officially marks the first collaboration between the Leicester soloist and Obskeen Records, the results being a soulful ditty, which I can only surmise reflects relationships, break ups and the long road to healing.

This first release is a deep and emotive track, which offers us the chance to get into Dan’s head and have a small peek into his life and what has influenced his song writing.

His straight talking no messing vocal are fantastic and in general he is very smooth; being almost seductive at times in the way he delivers his music and it is safe to say that his natural disposition appears to be towards husky, maudlin blues, but done in a very modern, clean and refreshing way.

Locally a lot of people are going to be impressed by what Dan is doing at the moment, because it is something a little different to what many of the other local artists are currently offering and given the right break, Dan is the perfect candidate to go national.

Hopefully this debut single will see Dan and Obskeen Records on the road to a long lasting relationship and if this first offering is anything to go by, then it would seem inevitable another release will be on the cards very shortly.

Dan’s debut single ‘Free To Roam’ is available from iTunes for download.

You can also read an interview we did with Dan last year when he performed at the Western park festival in Leicester in our interviews section.