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Dan Wright Interview


Dan Wright.

I had first saw Dan Wright perform earlier in the year at the Musician Pub and have been a fan ever since. He is one of those performers who you know should be going places and you hope that some record executive gets his finger out of his arse and spots him. But even though Dan is currently unsigned, trying to catch such a busy performer for a five minute interview has proven difficult. So when I saw him standing around by the Band Stand Stage at The Western Park Festival minutews before he was due to go on, I saw my opportunity and managed to grab him for a swift interview.

LM: So what do you do Dan.
DW: I’m an acoustic singer and song writer who writes and performs my own material

LM: Can you describe yourself in three words?
DW: Powerful, creative and imaginative

LM: So how did you get started in the Leicester music scene?
DW: I started writing when I was about thirteen and self taught myself the guitar at sixteen. Then about a year ago I started performing. Its good, but I’m still learning the ropes.

LM: So how did you get into the gig scene?
DW: Well I saw OBS (Original Bands Showcase) where doing an unplugged thing so I just applied and got through to the finale of that.

LM: How would you describe your music?
DW: Well I am very influenced by blues , but also artists like Bob Dylan, Jake Bugg and Paul Weller. But I take my influences from lots of musicians really.

LM: What is your favourite track which you are playing at the minute?
DW: It has to be a track I wrote called Rolling. The song means quite a lot to me so if I ever put an Album out, that will be the first track.

LM: So is Rolling available on general release anywhere?
DW: There are a few videos on my Facebook page which is and its on Soundcloud as well.

LM: What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?
DW: Nesquik

LM: What else are you hoping to achieve this year other than performing at Western Park today?
DW: Well I will be performing at the Singers of Distinction sessions at The Exchange Bar in Leicester. So hopefully that will be a bit of a platform to try and get more gigs. Then just try and build up a following ready for next year to hopefully get to the festivals.

LM: So what festivals would you like to play?
DW; I’d love to play Glastonbudget and Strawberry Fields, they are the ones I would like to start with and possibly try to get onto a bigger festival if I could… never know!

LM: So which artists do you rate right now on the Local Music Scene?
DW: Well I’m a big fan of Skunk Boy Project who I have just seen perform on the main stage and Becky Edwards is another one. Oh and the Simpletones who are a fantastic barbershop quartet and the Fallows as well.

LM: Cocktail or Mocktail?
DW Cocktail (Dan laughs)


LM: So Dan were do you do your rehearsing?
DW: I just do it from home in the bedroom. I think my mum gets a bit board of hearing the same songs, but it’s the best place to do it really.

LM: Do you have any plans for putting out any new material?
DW: Well I always try to write something every week and then just go back and finish them off when I can. I will actually be performing one of my new songs today.

LM: Were is your favorite place to play live music?
DW: I would have to say the Musician in Leicester because that is where it all started for me; yes definatly the Musician.

LM: Do you do your own production or do you go to a recording studio?
DW: I have the basic recording studio equipment, but I have been going to places like Yellow Bean and The Quad and they’ve been putting me some really good tracks together.

LM: Are there any particular local artist that you would like to do a collaboration with?
DW: Well I have had a brief word with Leicester artist Becky Edwards about collaborating on a song with her.

LM: So is that a work in progress?
DW: Maybe yes – it’s very early days yet.

LM: Finally Dan, what is your favorite fried food?
DW: Oh it has to be bacon.

LM: That’s it Dan, thank you for giving me five minutes of your time today and good luck with your performance later.
DW: Thank you

You can find out more about Dan by visiting his Facebook page HERE