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Curtis Clacey Interview


Curtis Clacey Interview

Hours before Curtis Clacey is due to go on stage at the Abbey Park fireworks display, we have managed to put together a very quick chat with him, as he prepares to well and truly set the stage on fire in what will be an explosive performance.

LM: Hello Curtis thank you for speaking to us today.
CC: No problem.

LM: Can you describe yourself in three words?
CC: Creative, unique and relevant.

LM: Where were you born?
CC: I was born in Leicester.

LM: How old where you when you began to express an interest in music?
CC: I started writing music at the age of 13 after watching my brother get deeply involved in the garage music scene, he was 5 years my senior.

LM: How did this influence your journey into Hip-Hop?
CC: Well as I said my brother had a huge influence, but I think i knew from the first moment i stepped onto a stage when i was at school that i was meant to be a performer and loved the energy you could create just through the passion of music.

LM: How would you describe your music?
CC: Well it is Hip-Hop, but its also fused with electronic music and when you hear my new album in its entirety, this unique style becomes more apparent.

LM: Who are your musical influences?
CC: Well artist wise it would have to be jamiroquai, Nas and illmatic. But I also take a lot from both the American music scene and the German electronic music scene.

LM: Are there any local artists who you like?
CC: I like lots of guys on the local scene and have connections with most of them. Leicester has a wealth of talent and much of it untapped, which is something people like you can help address.

LM: The Abbey Park gig is huge, how did you get the spot?
CC: Well it all comes back to my winning a talent competition last year called NX Level at The Music Café. Since then the organiser have been helping me develop as a performer and helping me get certain gigs.

LM: Are you excited about performing in front of a home crowd?
CC: I have always wanted to perform at Abbey Park, so excitement doesn’t even to begin to describe how I feel.

LM: Does the 15,000 people expected at Abbey Park make you nervous at all?
CC: I have performed at a variety of large scale venues including Earls Court, London, festivals of 20,000+ capacity crowds and even at the Houses of Parliament, so I will try to just stay composed and take it in my stride.

LM: I understand you had an audition for Britain’s Got Talent this week, can you tell us about it?
CC: It was a very familiar feeling to be honest, as I’ve auditioned for it twice before. However this time around i have grown as a person and as an artist, there’s definitely a shift in my music and I have also asked a friend to audition with me as a group. His name is Benji Williams and hes an acoustic guitarist/singer which i thought we could gel and refine to blend with hip hop.

LM: What track did you perform?
CC: We did an acoustic/rap fusion mix ‘Thrift Shop’ and ‘No Digitty’ with Benjis own chords and my own rap

LM: How do you feel it went?
CC: We had to perform twice, once with producers of the show who told us a yes or no for progressing there and then. Then again after we managed to get through the first phase with the shows executive producer. we now have to wait until next year to find out but we believe from there reactions we have a strong chance and we are also very happy in ourselves on how we performed on the day considering we have just met and only had 2 previous rehearsals

LM: What do you think about Sam Baily’s journey on The X-Factor?
CC: Well we live in an age where we need to take full advantage of all the platforms we have at our disposal. I suppose what she did worked for her and she is big at the minute and if she is also very talented, so good luck to her.

LM: You mentioned your album at the beginning of the interview, would you like to tell me more about it?
CC: The album is called ‘Coming Up’ and it has taken 1 year to complete which was also a very eventful year of my life. The sound of the music and content reflect this as i battle some demons and also appreciate the people in my life, as well as addressing my desire to succeed by any means. All tracks (except one) have been sourced originally from relatively unknown producers on SoundCloud who have been generous enough to contribute to what i do.

LM: Where is your album available to purchase from?
CC: You can buy it from my Bandcamp Channel or via Soundcloud.

LM: Forgive me, but somewhere in the interview I always ask as random question, so what is your favorite type of sandwich?
CC: Well I don’t really eat many sandwiches, but if I had to choose one then it would have to be a chicken tikka.

LM: Well that was the last question Curtis, can i just thank you for your time today and hope everything goes well later.
CC: Thank you for taking the time to highlight what I am doing, it’s really appreciated.

To find out more about more about Curtis Clacey’s new album visit his Bandcamp channel or read more about Curtis via Twitter or visit his Facebook page.

To purchase tickets for the Abbey Park fireworks display you can visit the Visit Leicester website.