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Benn Hartman EP Reviewed

benn hartmann

Benn Hartman EP ‘Nothing Specific’ Reviewed

The Students Column
Written By Dylan Ralph

It was a wet and cold Monday night, and I had got back from work feeling sorry for myself. I then remembered that I had been asked to review Benn Hartmann’s new EP ‘Nothing Specific’ which was lying on my bed and I thought let’s give it a go.

After spending 20 minutes listening to the EP I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how good it actually was. Each song felt like it could released, as a single in it’s own right! What I loved about it was how different each song sounded. It was a mixture of Coldplay, foo fighters then Frank Turner, it just flowed so well! What I also find fascinating is that Benn performed the vocals, bass, backing vocals and guitar, for this EP which shows what a real musicians is all about.

‘Hurricane’ is the first song on the EP. The guitars and keys in this song go so well together! And then for the unexpected guitar solos, towards the end of the song, really is the icing on the cake.
As soon as track 2 came on, I thought it sounded remarkably like the Foo Fighters! The percussion, guitars and even his voice convinced me it was Dave Grohl’s famous rock band. ‘Patience Of A Saint’ was a hit for me, but maybe a little bit too long Benn? Oops!

‘I’d Fall Apart’ is where it all calms down on the album. A slow hi-hat drum beat during the verses, then the beautiful ride cymbal in the chorus is just orgasmic! A lot of his songs are sort of Metallica, foo fighters…but not this song. It really shows off how good Benn’s voice is.

Again, track 4 ‘Black Sky’ is a slow and calmer song compared to the others. It reminded me of the sort of song that you would play in the background whilst sharing a bottle or red with friends at a dinner party. The huskiness of his voice really comes out on this song, but I like it. Maybe it’s all that Amber Leaf he’s buying.

Track 5 goes back to being dark and deep. ‘The Fire Inside You’ was probably my least favourite track. For me it was way too slow, maybe if it started off how it did then kicked in with a heavy snare drum, it would be mosh pit friendly.

Track 6 ‘Red Light (Waiting For Green)’ is the perfect song to the end his EP. The funky 18 seconds instrumental start made me nod my head straight awa. The chorus is so catchy, crowds all over the country, would be screaming it back at him when performing! ‘Sitting at the red light waiting for green’! I can’t help it, as I’m currently on my iPad, I’m singing it to a 6 inch screen! And then just to round off his EP, and especially this song, you have a bit of rapping, which breaks the song down nicely, and then you’re back into the chorus again!

I was so glad to to be handed this EP and be given the opportunity to listen to it. The only criticism I have is the front cover. To me he could do so much more as it is very dull. Maybe next time get him playing an instrument, because at the minute it looks like a low budget album cover he did in his bedroom with some equipment he got from Argos.

Benn Hartmann – Remember the name because you’re going to be hearing a lot more from this guy in the future and Benn has taught me never to judge a book by its cover (literally)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Leicester’s very own… Benn Hartmann

Dylan Ralph

Dylan Ralph is 18 years old and currently in his third year at Leicester College studying creative media. Dylan enjoys writing and music and hopes to have a career within the media industry. You can always find Dylan at gigs which has helped to drive his passion for music. Catch Dylan on his Facebook Page or on Twitter: @ralphy_999