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Andrew Roachford Interview

andrew roachford

Andrew Roachford Interview

We managed to catch the legendry Andrew Roachford only hours before he was due to go on stage this evening and he was kind enough to spare us five minutes to tell us more about his latest tour and his thoughts on some aspects of the modern music industry.

LM: First of all Andrew, welcome to Leicester.
AR: Hello

LM: Have you been to Leicester before?
AR: Yes I’ve been to Leicester a few times and I’ve played The Musician before.

LM: Andrew, you have headlined and supported at some of the worlds biggest venues yet we find you down at The Musician. Do you prefer to play smaller venues?
AR: Its just how it started for me really; playing in clubs and something I continue to enjoy. Of course I like to play larger venues as well, but when you do that it’s a whole different ball game as far as gigging goes and whenever I’ve seen my favorite acts play I always prefer to see them in a smaller more intimate venue.

LM: So do you continually tour or do you take breaks?
AR: I do take short breaks yes, but I love to tour. Although I do need to take some time out to get back in the studio to record some new material.

LM: You have your new album out at the moment, how is that doing?
AR: Its doing well so far and its getting a lot of good reviews and for the die hard fans who still follow me, it gives them something to adsorb and get into. It also reminds people that I am an artist and I don’t just rely on any former glories. Because I don’t like to go touring and performing the same songs continually – I am a creative person and always in creative mode.

LM: Have you played any festivals lately?
AR: Well this year I have been on the road touring with Mike and the Mechanics which took up most of my time. But next year I am hoping to be able to cover a few festivals.

LM: If asked would you consider going onto ITV 2’s The Big Reunion?
AR: I would consider it of course, but I doubt very much I would be involved in it. Because I don’t like the term retro, in the sense that you end up just being a nostalgia act. Because I try to be very much in the now with what I do and continually bring out new material. But I do respect what certain acts are doing and understand why they do it.

LM: So do you plan to just continue gigging and writing or do you have plans to stop at any point?
AR: Well out of all my hero’s none have them have quite with the exception of one – Bill Withers who decided to quite music quite early and so I would like to follow in their footsteps and continue working for as long as I can.

LM: You have written for some of the biggest artists in the world, is that something you still enjoy doing.
AR: Well everyone always asks me about Michael Jackson and song writing. But I was only 20 then and its not something I took that serious; but now i’m older it is certainly something I enjoy doing.

LM: So have you written any recent material for anyone?
AR: Well I get approached by lots of labels and DJ’s about putting songs onto groves. However, recently a new artist approached me by the name of Jacob Banks who I really like and we went into the studio for a few days to work on some new material.

LM: Do you enjoy the mentoring side of things with artists such as Jacob?
AR: Yes I enjoy working with new artist as it gives me a chance to offer advise to new artists and it also gives me a chance to get a different spin on things as far as my own music goes.

LM: Have you considered moving into management and taking some new acts under your wing.
AR: To a point yes, but It can be difficult with new artists not understanding the industry. By that I mean; when you first come into the game you have a warped understanding of how it all works and you can get lost in yourself. So I wouldn’t want to have to deal with people in that sense. But on a creative level I would love to help out new up and coming artists.

LM: What do you think about the X-Factor and the modern fame game?
AR: I tend to not buy into it, because it is something that is created by the industry and its not about the artist and more about selling air time. It can also stop artists being creative and restricts the mavericks.

LM: So would you say it is just an industry tool to sell records?
AR: It almost seems back to front – so the artists become famous before they have learnt their craft – so you become famous and then promote your sound. It all seems very odd to me and something I find difficult to get my head around. Because these people are just famous for doing nothing and they’ve not worked for it – You’ll probably see me judging it next week (Andrew Jokes)

LM: Your support act is Sarah Bird, have you worked with her before?
AR: Well the local promoter recommended Sarah and its always good to have someone talented supporting you. I remember when I started out I supported acts like Terrence Trent Darby and know how it feels to support a well known act, so hopefully I can offer a bit of a break for Sarah.

LM: Where are you off to next on your tour?
AR: We are at Nottingham tomorrow then Manchester and then we have a few more gigs before we head over to Europe.

LM: Andrew can I just thank you for taking five minutes out of your busy schedule to speak to Leicestershire Music.
AR: No problem at all

You can read more about Andrew Roachford by visiting his website or buy tickets for his gig from The Musician Pub.

Interview By Danny O’Callaghan